With widespread school closures driving remote learning during the pandemic, Bedtime Math is responding to teachers nationwide with Fun Factor, a suite of free online math experiences to support math learning at home. It features engaging hands-on activities that use common household objects and align with math standards for grades 3-5.

Fun Factor features activities drawing on Bedtime Math’s popular Crazy 8s after-school club, which has been proven to reduce math anxiety for elementary school-age kids. Teachers of grades 3-5 can either run the activities with their students over video or email them the materials for self-directed learning. Games like the fraction bonanza Face-Off or the graph-plotting Pirate Treasure Hunt use everyday items along with images that can be either printed or drawn so any child can participate. Each activity generates a lasting board game or toy so students can continue the math fun and skill-building.

Join the fun at bedtimemath.org/fun-factor.

To learn more about Bedtime Math, visit bedtimemath.org.

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