Sen. Steve Sweeney’s anti-collective bargaining bill passed the Senate on Thursday, April 12. It now heads to the Assembly. S-2455/A-2001 would diminish the benefits of county college employees and retirees by forcing them to switch from the School Employees Health Benefits Plan (SEHBP) to the State Health Benefits Plan (SHBP.)

How did your Senator vote?

Addiego, Dawn Marie – Yes
Bateman, Christopher – Yes
Beach, James – Yes
Brown, Chris A. – No  ** Thank Sen. Brown at 
Bucco, Anthony R. – Yes
Cardinale, Gerald – Yes
Codey, Richard J. – No  **Thank Sen. Codey at
Connors, Christopher J. – No  **Thank Sen. Connors at
Corrado, Kristin M. – No  **Thank Sen. Corrado at
Cruz-Perez, Nilsa – Yes
Cryan, Joseph P. – Yes
Cunningham, Sandra B. – Yes
Diegnan, Patrick J., Jr. – Yes
Doherty, Michael J. – Yes
Gill, Nia H. – No  **Thank Sen. Gill at
Gopal, Vin – No  **Thank Sen. Gopal at
Greenstein, Linda R. – Not Voting
Holzapfel, James W. – Not Voting
Kean, Thomas H., Jr. – No  **Thank Sen. Kean at
Lagana, Joseph A. – Not Voting
Madden, Fred H., Jr. – Yes
O’Scanlon, Declan J., Jr. – Yes
Oroho, Steven V. – Yes
Pennacchio, Joseph – Not Voting
Pou, Nellie – Yes
Rice, Ronald L. – No  **Thank Sen. Rice at
Ruiz, M. Teresa – Yes
Sacco, Nicholas J. – No  **Thank Sen. Sacco at
Sarlo, Paul A. – Yes
Scutari, Nicholas P. – Yes
Singer, Robert W. – No  **Thank Sen. Singer at
Singleton, Troy – Yes
Smith, Bob – Yes
Stack, Brian P. – Yes
Sweeney, Stephen M. – Yes
Thompson, Samuel D. – Not Voting
Turner, Shirley K. – No  **Thank Sen. Turner at 
Van Drew, Jeff – No  **Thank Sen. Van Drew at
Vitale, Joseph F. – Yes
Weinberg, Loretta – Not Voting

Changes in benefits are a compensation issue and should be addressed at the bargaining table, not forced through bad legislation.

NJEA members defeated this bad bill during the Lame Duck session when it was sponsored by former Sen. Bob Gordon. Now it is back, sponsored by Sweeney, and we need to act quickly to stop it now before it sets other members up for attacks.

This bill would unilaterally strip away the health care benefits bargained by county college employees and would force them into a new system where they have no representation and no voice. It would also force retired county college employees to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans, even if they prefer their current Medicare Supplement plan.

Please TAKE ACTION immediately. Call and e-mail members of the Assembly. Tell them to stand with working people and SAY NO to this attack on collective bargaining.

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