Murphy keeps campaign promise on first day

NJEA President Marie Blistan spoke out today regarding the executive order  issued today by Gov. Murphy to begin moving New Jersey toward guaranteeing equal pay for women. Blistan attended the press conference where the executive order was announced and issued this statement:

“Gov. Murphy ran for office on a platform of supporting working families, promoting social justice and having the backs of New Jersey residents. Today’s executive order on equal pay proves that he intends to keep all of those promises. It also clearly shows that a new era has dawned in New Jersey and that our state will once again be a national leader in promoting progressive social and economic policies.

“It is shocking that this issue still needs to be addressed in 2018, because the problem has been well known for many years. The fact that Gov. Murphy addressed it decisively as his first official act, after less than three hours in office, shows that he will not let our state’s past failures stand in the way of our future progress.

“This Executive Order shows that New Jersey is open for business and that everyone’s contribution is welcome and valued. It also sends an important message to working families that New Jersey is a place where they will have to opportunity to succeed.

“While today’s order is a significant first step and sends a powerful message, I urge the Legislature to move quickly to pass strong equal pay legislation that that offers even broader and stronger protections to all women in all jobs.”

Marie Blistan is a special education teacher in Washington Twp. (Gloucester Co.) and president of the 200,000-member New Jersey Education Association.  NJEA’s membership is 75 percent female.

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