The Essex County Democratic Committee honored NJEA Vice President Marie Blistan on Wednesday, February 15, at their annual Labor Breakfast. Blistan was selected with several other labor leaders to receive a special distinction for her work with NJEA members.

LeRoy J. Jones, chairman of the Essex County Democratic Committee, cited the unsung heroes and sheroes of New Jersey’s labor unions for not only fighting for workers’ rights but also human rights. Jones goes on to say that these core labor values are dear to the honorees as they ensure that the men and women who work hard every day can live with self-respect and dignity. Blistan says that she is “honored to be counted among so many outstanding labor leaders, many of whom I have worked with in our fight for the rights of fellow New Jerseyans. For well over 80 years, labor unions have walked hand in hand with elected leaders to build a fairer society for working people. But we have to do more. We must march with arms locked together so that we can be the change we need to build a foundation, to renew our faith, to create the kind of future that we hope for our children.”

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