The Camden County College Center for Civic Leadership and Responsibility (CCLR) is offering CCLR offers a free lecture series and special events at its Blackwood and Cherry Hill campuses.

For more information, visit or call 856-227-7200, ext. 4333 for details.

Middle East: New Perspectives – Blackwood

  March 5 – A Musical Journey in Central Asia

  March 18 – Syria’s Civil War and the Political Dynamics of Refugee Return

  April 12 – China and the Middle East: Changes and Continuities in Contemporary Policy

  April 22 – The Iranian Nuclear Issue: A View from History

Healthy Living Lecture Series – Cherry Hill

  March 9 – Shingles, Vaccines and You: What You Need to Know

  March 16 – Less Invasive Hip & Knee Care

  March 23 – Hooked on Sugar? How to Cut Back

  March 30 – Is There Life after Menopause?

  April 6 – “Forever Young” The Secrets to Living to 100 and Beyond

Autism Awareness Lecture Series – Blackwood

  April 7 – A Basic Introduction to Autism

  April 14 – Executive Function Strategies for Individuals with ASD

  April 21 – Effective Estate Planning with Special Needs Trusts, and Guardianship

  April 28 – Difficult Conversations with Parents and Staff

  May 5 – Understanding the Complex Needs of Neurologically Complex Children

Addiction Awareness – Blackwood

  March 19 – Gaming/Gambling, Youths and Gaming Addiction

  April 17 – The Evidence is: Harm Reduction Works!

Special Events

  March 23 – A World War II Presentation: The Merchant Marine in World War II – Blackwood

  April 20 – Teaching Hinduism: Ideas, Challenges, Politics – Cherry Hill

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