The Camden County College Center for Civic Leadership and Responsibility (CCLR) is offering five-week mini-courses starting in June. Each course costs $30. For $75, you may take unlimited mini-courses courses through Aug. 31, 2019.

For more information, visit or call 856-227-7200, ext. 4333 for details.

1st Session Blackwood: June 3 – July 11
• Stalin: Man of Steel, Merchant of Death
• Cloak and Dagger: Tom Clancy and the World of Jack Ryan
• Through the Stones: Stepping into the World of Outlander
• In Their First Thirty Years: Historical Figures When They Were Young
• The History of Sparta

1st Session Rohrer Center, Cherry Hill:  June 3 – July 11
• Fashion by Design
• Hellenistic Ethics: The Philosophers of Serenity
• William Shakespeare: The Histories
• The Roman Empire: A Family Business
• The Weimar Republic and Today: Political Crisis
• Economic Anxiety and History Repeating Itself
• The Evolution of Music

2nd Session Blackwood:  July 22 – Aug. 23rd
• A Brief History of the Evolution of Political Parties in America
• Springsteen and Society
• World War I: A Retrospective View of a Century Later
• Dinosaur Films Through the Years: The Fun and the Facts
• Learning the Artistic Process of Art History
• Use Your Noodle: Exploring Philosophy Through Movies and Music
• The Life and Legacy of George Washington

2nd Session Rohrer Center, Cherry Hill:  July 22nd – August 23rd
• Little Englander or Big Baby of Europe? Henry VIII and The First Brexit
• Reflecting on the Impressionists
• World Tour
• Trojan Horse: How and Why the CIA Has Destabilized Governments Around the World
• Economic Systems and the Greatest Happiness Principle
• The Viking Saga

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