The Camden County College Center for Civic Leadership and Responsibility (CCLR) is offering a five-week minicourse that starts in April. The course costs $30. For $75, you may take unlimited minicourses through Aug. 31, 2019. In addition, the CCLR is offering free lecture series and a special event.

For more information, click here or call 856-227-7200, ext. 4333 for details.

Five-week minicourse at Blackwood Campus

• April 5 – May10 – The Emergence of Poetry and Music During the Great Migration and Harlem Renaissance

Free lectures at Blackwood Campus

Autism Awareness

• April 2 – A Basic Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders

• April 9 – Social Skills:  Assessment and Instruction

• April 16 – How to Cope with Meltdowns

• April 23 – Art Therapy for High Functioning Autism

• April 30 – Applied Behavior Analysis:  What is It and How Do We Use It?

Addiction Awareness

• May 1 – Care for Grandparents – Expos for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Middle East:  New Perspectives

• April 3 – The Salesman: A film about a young Iranian couple forced to leave their home and move to the center of Tehran.

• April 11 – ISIS in Iraq

• April 17 – The Current Situation in Afghanistan

Free special event

• April 1 – Walt Whitman in the Civil War: A presentation discussing the three years Walt Whitman spent visiting Washington’s hospitals caring for thousands of wounded soldiers

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