Karen Borrelli-Luke has dedicated her entire career educating the children of Camden. Borrelli-Luke, who currently teaches the Brimm Medical Arts School in the Camden City School District, has been teaching for 37 years. Two weeks ago, her professional dreams came true when two organizations, Dogs On Death Row and Cats On Death Row, donated a full-service mobile pet vet clinic to Brimm.

Camden educator receives mobile vet in her honor

“This vehicle represents everything that I have been working for over the last thirty years for the city of Camden. I didn’t expect this, and it was totally unbelievable. It was a dream come true” said Borrelli. The Borrelli-Luke Mobile Vet will be a permanent fixture at the school.

The mobile vet provides an opportunity for students to gain real-life experiences working with animals, and it offers a unique opportunity for students to apply in-class learning to in real-life situations.

“The typical students who attend this class want to go into the healthcare field” said Borrelli-Luke. “Now these students will get real experience working with the concepts they learn in class. When we start talking about the cardiovascular system, they have the chance to go inside with the vet and see how the theory applies in an authentic situation. They will be able to see and feel what they read about in books. It will be an invaluable experience.”

The students are excited to have this experience, said Borelli-Luke. The mobile vet will work closely with the Chowhound House, a Camden based non-profit business founded by students who attended Brimm, that helps struggling families feed and care for their pets.

“We can pull students right from school to get the experience working with animals” said Borrelli-Luke. “They can decide if they want to go into this field. But this isn’t just a learning experience, the students are actually helping the future of their community by participating in this work.”

Borelli-Luke is now planning her next dream to bring to reality to help her students and community.

“I look into the eyes of my students and it makes me want to reach for the stars and achieve another dream.”

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