The January 2021 edition of the NJEA Review included the NJEA organizational directory. The listing for staff in the Membership office of the Business Division was omitted. The staff members are:

Damien McKeever, manager; Evelyn Dones, membership specialist; Marisol Ruiz, chief-business services; Tammi Antonelli, principal clerk-bookkeeper; Charisse Huff, principal clerk-bookkeeper; Lesley Newman, principal clerk-bookkeeper; Susan Walker, principal clerk-bookkeeper; Karyn Snyder, principal clerk-bookkeeper; and Murjani Andrews, principal clerk-bookkeeper.

In addition, in the section for the Research and Economic Services Division, Lorraine Jones should have been listed as the administrative assistant in Member Benefits. Dan Goldman, who is listed with “Pension and Benefits,” should also have been listed with “Statistics and School Funding.”

The editor of the NJEA Review apologizes for the omissions.

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