A member’s name and the name of the son of NJEA’s president were incorrect in the September edition of the NJEA Review. The editor apologizes for these errors. The correct information is below.

In an article listing the 2021-22 New Jersey County Teachers of the Year, the name and school of the Mercer County Teacher of the Year were misspelled. The Mercer County Teacher of the Year is Brittany Thomas. She works at Robbins Elementary School in Trenton.

Two photos in the article “From Mentors to Members: Meet NJEA President Sean M. Spiller” included Spiller’s 3-year-old son. Unfortunately, he was identified as “Tyler” rather than “Tyson.” Below is the caption from one of the photos as it should have read. Spiller with his family: Tyson, Sean, Lauren, and Brody Spiller.

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