Teacher for a Day is a program that allows individuals from the community to experience an entire school day. Under the watchful eye of a regular classroom teacher, Guest Teachers perform all the duties a teacher would do in a normal day, such as teaching class, performing lunch and corridor duty, recess supervision, and study hall, in order to “walk a mile” in educators’ shoes.

By bringing public figures and members of the community into schools, and having them witness the real-life, everyday educational environment, we can expect to achieve two major public relations goals: to raise public awareness of what we do, and to develop broad-based support for teachers and students.

Getting Started

To run a successful Teacher for a Day event, customize these resources to suit the needs of your local association.

Request Program Binder

To host a Teacher for a Day event in your school district, submit a request for a program binder. Once you have a chance to review it and talk with your association leaders, contact us about setting up a date.