Confidential Assistant to the Deputy Executive Director

NJEA announces an opening for a Confidential Assistant to the Deputy Executive Director. This position is outside NJEA/USA Associate Staff Bargaining Unit.

Job Summary

Assists and aids, in a confidential capacity, the NJEA Deputy Executive Director. Under the supervision of the Deputy Executive Director, performs stenographic and other clerical work, varied in nature but requiring a considerable knowledge of NJEA regulations, policies, and procedures of the Association, and the exercise of independent judgment. Does related work, as required.

Essential Functions

  1. Awareness of officers’ basic policies, viewpoints and attributes, with ability to respond to inquiries.
  2. Full responsibility for composition and review of correspondence of a routine nature. Able to gather pertinent data and prepare reply for correspondence of a routine nature over the Deputy Executive Director’s signature.
  3. Maintenance of a system to remind Deputy Executive Director of recurring meetings and conferences.
  4. Access to handling of information of a highly sensitive and confidential nature. Composition and review of correspondence, typing speeches, reports, etc.
  5. Maintenance of files.
  6. Arranging travel, hotel reservations and other accommodations, and preparation of vouchers.
  7. Maintenance of Deputy Executive Director’s appointment schedules.
  8. Stenographic transcription of dictated materials, as well as transcription of minutes of a complex nature.
  9. Preparation and handling of information of a highly sensitive and confidential nature (pertaining to the Deputy Executive Director’s work with governance).
  10. Assists Executive Assistant to the President with matters pertaining to Governance Controls and Records.
  11. Assists Executive Director’s Assistant with the overload of other secretarial tasks (such as preparation of material for Delegate Assembly, Executive Committee and Property & Personnel Committee) in the Executive Office.


Education and/or Experience:

Two years of training in an accredited business or secretarial school, plus 2 years of experience as a secretary.

Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of modern office methods, practices, routines, machines and equipment.
  • Knowledge of the problems encountered in organizing stenographic and related clerical work, in taking notes from difficult, complex, and/or technical and rapid dictation, and in transcribing such notes on a computer/word processor.
  • Knowledge of the commonly-used office machines and their use, care, and minor adjustments, including electric typewriters, fax machines, photocopies, computers and printers, and calculators.
  • Knowledge of automated systems to analyze information and create reports used in budget preparation.

Personal Qualities:

  • Responsibility and Dependability: Understanding of need for confidentiality; willingness to extend self to complete tasks beyond normal hours as occasion demands, willingness to take total responsibility for certain continuing assignments.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Willingness to undertake new tasks as job grows and/or changes, and to take new challenges in stride. Ability to work cooperatively with all people.
  • Resourcefulness: Involvement in developing new ideas in techniques and procedures for the overall good of secretarial service to the Executive Office. Willingness to make creative contributions.
  • Cooperativeness: Ability to get along well with others and to be a fully satisfactory team worker. Able to accept constructive criticism. Skill in dealing with and eliciting cooperation from others, and in inspiring and motivating others.
  • Motivation: Self-starter – does not wait for directions unnecessarily, but organizes own time for most efficient use.


The deadline to submit letter of interest and résumé via email at  is Monday, December 9, 2019.  Applicants must include the job title of the position for which they are applying in the subject line.

An application will be forwarded for completion based upon review of the submitted résumé.

NJEA is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.


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