In this issue, you’ll find one of the most important pieces of information about how your union functions and how your hard-earned dollars are spent. The NJEA audit is printed annually in the April issue of the NJEA Review to provide members with a detailed look at the state of the union’s finances. This is your union and the more you know about it and how it functions, the more likely you are to take an active role in the organization—and a robust, active membership is the only way that unions succeed.

Education is fundamentally a collaborative profession. We rely on each other to educate and care for our students, providing them with the academic, social, emotional and health foundations they need and that can be built upon each subsequent school year.

In much the same way, unions are fundamentally collaborative. We need each member to play their role, to be educated about the rights and responsibilities of union membership, and to bring in people who may feel disengaged so that our combined strength brings about the change that we all need to see in our schools and in our state.

Rest assured that at every level of this union we take seriously the financial contributions members make. It is vitally important that your dues are spent in a responsible way that reflects the priorities of our members. We are proud to provide great value for every single dues dollar.

Advocating for our members’ pensions and health benefits, professional interests, negotiating and enforcing high-quality contracts, providing advocacy training and professional development opportunities are just some of the ways that NJEA supports our members’ interests. But there are many, many other programs and projects that improve the quality of life for our members and the students we serve. Our union is strong because of our members and we are proud to reflect their values with every dues dollar.

-Marie Blistan

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Marie Blistan


@MarieBlistan: Proud to be with our members in Gloucester County for the launch of the vaccination access for our educators! NJEA Deputy Executive Director Kevin Kelleher, GCEA Pres and VP, Sue Clark and Ryan Griffin, and NJEA Gov Relations Chair Tina Dare were on hand to witness this event. Thank you to Governor Murphy, Senate Pres Sweeney, Congressmen Norcross and Malinowski, Acting Commissioner Allen-McMillan, and Commissioner Persichilli for your work and support to get our state and schools closer to normal! We appreciate your help and collaboration, and we look forward to working out a plan that prioritizes access for all educators, prek-college, throughout our state of New Jersey!!

On Mar. 9, Blistan shared an article highlighting Gov. Murphy’s decision to grant educators priority access to COVID-19 vaccines. In this post, Blistan celebrates the newly granted status and thanks some of the instrumental political leaders who paved the way for this change.

Sean M. Spiller


@SpillerforNJEA: Congratulations @NASA! Perseverance has landed. Way to go science!

On Feb. 18, Sean M. Spiller congratulated NASA for landing its first-ever remote-controlled vehicle on Mars. The robot, Perseverance, can send high-quality images of the red planet back to Earth. Spiller, a high school science teacher, celebrated the out-of-this-world accomplishment with all his Twitter followers.

Steve Beatty


@SteveBeattyNJEA: Thank you Governor Phil Murphy for demonstrating your continuing commitment to public education in NJ and our great NJ public educators. Making the full $6.4B pension payment for the first time in over 25 years! An additional $700m to our schools, investing in early childhood education and all the way to higher education!

On Feb. 23, Steve Beatty celebrated arguably the most pro-public education state budget in history, proposed by Gov. Murphy. The proposed budget expands education funding through a wide variety of ways, including increased school funding, increased access to early childhood education and expanded access to tuition-community college. Perhaps most notably, the governor, who NJEA has endorsed for re-election as the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in the June 8 primary, announced he would be making the full $6.4 billion pension payment one year ahead of schedule.

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