Cub’s Discovery

In Montague Education Association (Sussex County), Cub’s Discovery is a science and math family literacy preschool program for families of preschoolers from both integrated and non-integrated sections of the preschool in Montague. Educators Lorie Jeskey, Dawn Marion and Shannon Meincke implement Cub’s Discovery using an $8,380 continuation grant from the NJEA Hipp Foundation.

Science/math-themed events focus on topics of living things, matter and energy held in conjunction with the students’ classroom science and math units. Teachers assist students to use tablets to record the progress of their experiments, and those videos are shared with their families through internet postings and emails. The students and one family member accompany them on two science-based field trips in the fall and spring.

Students take home family engagement bags filled with science and math activities to do with their parents, and then return to school to promote the school and home connection and honor the parents’ role as the children’s primary teacher. Shannon Meincke is a certificated dance instructor who teaches the students movement activities that promote their understanding of science/math concepts during after-school events. During these events, parents participate in parent education sessions while the students experiment with movement with Ms. Meincke. One session features a speaker donated by a social service agency. The final session provides parents an opportunity to participate in the movement activities with their children.

Ms. Jeskey and Ms. Marion increase their knowledge of science/math instruction and family involvement by attending a two-day state conference held by a professional organization.

Montague Education Association and PTA strongly support the family connective activities, and are committed to ongoing support through donations of materials, refreshments, and other assistance.  The Teacher Honor Society expressed enthusiasm to partner with the Cubs’ program and provide assistance as well.

For further information, contact:

Lorie Jeskey
973-293-7131, ext. 318 (school)