At the May 22 Delegate Assembly meeting, delegates approved a motion that directs NJEA to advocate for and support a moratorium on the approval of any new charter schools and on the expansion of currently existing charter schools until specific conditions are met.

It reads:

…that NJEA advocate for and support a moratorium on the approval of any and all new applications for charter schools, any and all applications for expansion of existing charters, and any and all requests to expand the area of recruitment for an established charter until and unless:

  1. The funding formula established under the School Funding Reform Act is fully funded for all public schools.
  2. The public school district(s) affected have proposed and passed a balanced budget that did not require or include a reduction in force, for the two years prior to the application, as well as for the current year.
  3. Public charter schools are required, through statute and regulation, to adhere to the same standards of accountability and transparency as traditional public schools in all matters, including, but not limited to:
    • Finance and budgeting.
    • Public disclosure of nonpublic funding amounts and length of commitments.
    • Public disclosure of student behavior codes and disciplinary policies.
    • Public reporting of student retention rates.
    • Staff hiring requirements, and public disclosure of staff qualifications and retention rates.
    • The establishment, monitoring, and enforcement of financial conflict of interest laws for charter sectors.

Advocacy for such a position shall include:

  1. The release of an official public statement.
  2. Platforms to better educate members about the issues surrounding fair funding and transparency for charter school organizations.
  3. Training for members on methods to assist with the pushback of charter school growth within local communities.
  4. Active support of legislation and/or regulatory language, or drafting of same, that will ensure equitable funding for all public schools in the state, and that all public schools, including public charters, are held to the same standards of transparency and accountability.
  5. Active opposition to any legislation or regulatory language that would weaken the investigative or regulatory powers of those agencies tasked with ensuring a thorough and efficient education for all New Jersey children.

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