Proposals boost hours used to determine part-time members, adjust dues calculation based on date a new member joins, and add three committees to NJEA standing committees

At its June 10, 2020, meeting, the NJEA Delegate Assembly (DA), will consider three amendments to the Bylaws of the New Jersey Education Association.

They propose:

  • Amending the calculation of first-year dues for new members based on when they join NJEA after Sept. 1;
  • Amending the hourly threshold at which members are eligible for part-time membership status from the current less than 20 hours a week to less than 25 hours a week;
  • Adding three committees – Educational Support Professionals, Minority Involvement and Recruitment, and Urban Education – to the current list of NJEA standing committees.

As specified in the Bylaws, amendments to NJEA’s Bylaws require two votes by the DA. Bylaw 52 states “Amendments to the Bylaws may be proposed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee or by a majority vote of the Delegate Assembly. Amendments so proposed shall be submitted to the Constitution Review Committee for review and recommendation and shall be published in full in the Official Publication of the Association. A three-fourths vote of all the members of the Delegate Assembly shall then be necessary for the adoption of such amendments.”

At the DA meeting on May 16, 2020, a majority of DA members voted to propose the three Bylaw amendments. The DA will vote at its meeting on June 10, 2020, whether to adopt these amendments. At least a three-fourths majority of all delegates must vote in favor of any proposed amendment for it to be adopted. If approved, these amendments will take effect Sept. 1, 2020.

Because of the current statewide executive order banning large gatherings to slow the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, the June 10 meeting will be held virtually.

Directions on how to provide comments to the DA on the proposed amendments and deadlines for such comments can be found at

The full text of the bylaw amendments can be read here. The amendments also appear on Pages 10-11 of the June edition of the NJEA Review.


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