Several members wrote to NJEA concerned that the cover of the September NJEA Review was missing an apostrophe in the hashtag #OnlyWhenItsSafe. While the phrase “Only when it’s safe” would have an apostrophe, Twitter hashtags do not include punctuation.

Hashtags are a tool for Twitter users to find tweets related to their interests. #OnlyWhenItsSafe is the hashtag adopted by those campaigning around New Jersey and the U.S. to ensure that schools are safe for students and staff in the wake of COVID-19.

On Twitter, any character other than a letter or number breaks the hashtag. Users of Twitter find posts by searching a hashtag. If the poster on the cover of the September Review were written with #OnlyWhenIt’sSafe, Twitter would read the hashtag as “#OnlyWhenIt,” ignoring anything that followed the apostrophe. That is why there is no apostrophe in that hashtag.

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