Bergen County Technical Schools is offering an Empathy & Equity Workshop for humanities teachers grades 6-12. This workshop will be held on May 22 at 540 N. Fairview Avenue in Paramus. This program targets humanities educators but all are welcome to attend!

Participants will be prepared to learn how to design and lead classrooms that engage in Harkness-style dialogues that promote empathy and equity. The Harkness Method employs a conversational setting within a whole-class environment that allows for classrooms to be democratized to ensure all voices are heard and promote global empathy. Specifically, participants will be able to learn the necessity and empathy in the development of equitable schools and classrooms.

This workshop will address multiple degrees of the New Jersey Learning Standards. Participants will tackle New Jersey Learning Standards 1-3 and 5-8, focusing on learner development, learning differences, learning environments, application of content, assessment, planning for instruction and instructional strategies.

There is no cost for this workshop. Call Jonathan Lancaster at 201-661-0548 or email

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