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NJEA R.I.S.E. Conference (Virtual)

July 15, 2020

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This July, NJEA was planning to launch the new NJEA Radical Imagination Summit for Educators (RISE), combining our Techstock Conference and Summer Professional Learning Institute. This gathering would have invited members from across the state to engage in conversation, sharpen their tech skills, and co-create a vision for the next decade in New Jersey public education. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, our in-person summit must be postponed. However, we extend this special invitation to join us virtually for #StillWeRISE on July 16, 2020.

We are asking participants to first unplug and reflect as you tend to your self-care on the morning of our virtual summit. At noon, you will join our WebEx welcome room to vibe together to our RISE playlist, before the program begins with opening remarks and our special keynote speaker. 

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Bettina L. Love is an award-winning author and associate professor of Educational Theory and Practice at the University of Georgia. Dr. Love is one of the field’s most esteemed educational researchers in the area of hip-hop education. Her research focuses on the ways in which urban youth negotiate hip-hop music and culture to form social, cultural, and political identities to create new and sustaining ways of thinking about urban education and intersectional social justice. Her work is also concerned with how teachers and schools working with parents and communities can build communal, civically engaged schools rooted in intersectional social justice for the goal of equitable classrooms. 

We hope to create a radically restorative experience in the wake of this global pandemic that creates space for healing through reflection, learning through listening, and elevation through imagination. If you would like to join us on this collective journey, then please follow these steps below:

Step 1: Register for free above

Step 2: Digital Detox in Solidarity and Health on July 16, 2020

  • Temporarily replace your profile picture on social media platforms with the RISE logo
  • Add hashtags #StillWeRISE #DigitalDetox #NJEAStillLearns #RadicalImagiation
  • Disconnect from all screen-based devices from midnight to noon

Step 3: Free Write – Reflection, Healing and Imagination

  • The morning of July 16 prepare your favorite breakfast and write a reflection.
  • Prompt: What were your greatest challenges of this past school year?
  • Prompt: What are your greatest hopes for the year(s) to come?

Step 4: Join the virtual summit – Learning by Listening


  • Noon – 12:45 p.m. Welcome WebEx
    • Connect your speakers and listen to our RISE playlist together.
    • Feel free to prepare your lunch as you enjoy the music.
    • Video is optional. Audio is recommended.
  • 12:30 – 12:45 p.m. Welcome Remarks
  • 1 – 1:45 p.m.Keynote: DR. BETTINA LOVE
  • 1:45 – 2 p.m. – Special Q & A

Step 5: Enjoy the bonus material

  • Exclusive release of the Freestyle Friday series (Season 1)
  • Check out this free content from our webinar initiative at njealearning.org 


July 15, 2020
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