ESPS deserve due process


What would it do?

S-3089A-3664 would extend to non-teaching employees of local, county or regional school districts, boards or commissions the right to submit to binding arbitration any dispute regarding whether there is just cause for a disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

  • State Senate Sponsor: Linda Greenstein
  • General Assembly Sponsors: Ralph Caputo, Mila Jasey, Ronald Dancer, Reynolds-Jackson
  • State Assembly Co-Sponsors: Thomas Giblin, Linda Carter

Email your legislators and urge them to support this bill!

Or call 855-413-ESPs (3777) to be connected with your legislator of the Assembly and tell them that it’s time the time for ESP Job Justice is now. Your phone call will ensure that legislators know the importance of preventing subcontracting and providing just cause arbitration for ESP members.

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