It’s time for Trenton to Fix The Unfairness

New Jersey’s public schools consistently rank among the top in the nation. Despite the continued success of our schools, the educators who bring these schools to life have watched their take home pay go down and their schools face the constant threat of privatization. It’s time for our elected leaders in Trenton to acknowledge the unwavering devotion of public school employees; it’s time the for legislators to pass the following bills:

S-296/A-3185/A-3395  What would it do?

S-296/A-3185/A-3395 would prohibit employers from entering into subcontracting agreements during the term of an existing collective bargaining agreement. Once a collective bargaining agreement expires, an employer would be permitted to enter into a subcontracting agreement only if: 1) The employer provides written notice 2) The employer offers the majority representative the opportunity to meet and discuss the decision to subcontract and negotiate over its impact. The bill would also mandate that each employee replaced or displaced because of a subcontracting agreement would retain all previously acquired seniority and would have recall rights if the subcontracting terminates.

S-3089/A-3664 What would it do?

S-3089A-3664 would extend to non-teaching employees of local, county or regional school districts, boards or commissions the right to submit to binding arbitration any dispute regarding whether there is just cause for a disciplinary action.

S-2606/A-4352  What would it do?

S-2606/ A-4352 would provide relief to Chapter 78 by tying public employees’ premium share for health benefits to a percentage of salary instead of a percentage of premium cost. This bill would reduce the amount most NJEA members pay toward their health insurance and return fairness to the bargaining table.