Gina Foss – Ridgeway Elementary

Thunder Spirit 106 School Spirit Award Winner – September 2016

Why does this person deserve the School Spirit Award?

I cannot begin to explain the type of person Mrs. Foss is. As most parents know it is hard finding the teacher that best fits your child. Well if you are a Ridgeway parent you know that Mrs. Foss is the 1st grade teacher you want. She is so invested in each of her students. The students look forward to seeing her every morning and excited to learn. She is like a second mom taking care of your child while teaching them the skills they need to exceed in school. She involves the parents in everything they do. Mrs. Foss is an exceptional teacher and person, you will not find a more kind hearted soul. My son was lucky enough to have her and we loved her way of teaching so much I wanted my daughter to have her the next year. When it was ending the previous school year with my son, my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and my world turned upside down. It was a lot to ask any teacher to deal with this on a daily basis on top of what they already have to do. Well, Mrs. Foss wanted my daughter in her class and wouldn’t have it any other way. She has taken care of and has made sure my daughter has everything she needs while also rearranging so many things just so my little girl wouldn’t feel left out. Mrs. Foss enjoyed this 1st grade class so much that she asked some parents what we thought of her looping to 2nd grade with her students. I can’t explain how happy we all were to have her move on with our children and me especially knowing my daughter is taken care of for another year with someone who knows and cares about her well- being. Did I mention Mrs. Foss was in the 1st grade for over 20 yrs. Mrs. Foss is caring, generous, loving, engaging, motivating, creative, challenging and so dedicated to teaching her students. You are one very lucky family if your child gets Mrs. Foss as a teacher!

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