Amazing, demanding, glass ceiling breaking, legendary and, of course, notorious are just a few of the adjectives a quick internet search will yield, used to describe Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. These words and more were echoed by Gloucester County members attending a viewing of the movie, RBG, hosted by the Gloucester County Education Association (GCEA), on Wednesday, March 20.

“I am so inspired by the life and accomplishments of Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” said  Sue Clark, GCEA president and an elementary teacher in the Mantua school district. “What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month, than gathering together to watch the movie RBG, and feeling inspired by her quiet but powerful strength.”

Members were greeted with a box of popcorn and an RBG quote keychain to commemorate the special experience. Attendees were encouraged to wear “Red for Ed,” to support NJEA’s campaign for job justice as we continue to lobby to pass legislation for ESP due process, notification of privatization, and Chapter 78 relief. As members settled into their seats to watch the movie, one could hear whispers about what each local was doing to share their worth. The movie would only serve to inspire the members in attendance even more about our value as public school employees.

“I was so appreciative that several of my Women in Education Committee members were able to join us tonight,” said Deborah Wilson, a member of the GCEA Executive Board and chair of the NJEA Women in Education Committee. “We were so moved by Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s story that we want to sponsor a movie night as a committee. We will be sure to share what we come up with soon.” Wilson went on to say, “We can really learn a lot from RBG’s quote ‘Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.  It shouldn’t be that women are the exception’ and apply that to our own circumstances.”

“Many women my age know of Notorious RBG, in fact that was my favorite part that she knew who Notorious BIG was, but I didn’t know the whole story,” said Sofia Capinha, a member from Gateway Regional Education Association. “I think every woman should see this movie and learn about how much she has done to fight for equal rights. Through this movie, I feel like I really got to know her. She is amazing. I am so glad I attended.”


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