Greadington completes term as NEA Black Caucus chair

Jacqui Greadington, president of the East Orange Education Association and an accomplished vocalist and educator, recently completed her term as the chair of the NEA Black Caucus.

Greadington was elected to lead the caucus at the 2009 NEA RA.

At the time of her election, Greadington said, “My job will be to lead the Black Caucus in promoting an NEA that is inclusive. We must make sure that all voices are heard, because together we make a difference. We are strongest when we actively seek to involve all of our members.”

As chair, Greadington was passionate about educating members about and combatting institutional racism.

In addition to her other leadership roles, Greadington is also the chair of the NJEA Human Rights Committee.

Melton elected chair

NJEA member Gary Melton, Sr. has been elected to succeed Greadington as the chair of the caucus.

Melton is the vice president of the Atlantic City Education Association, the president of the Atlantic County Council of Education Associations, and an NEA Director.

“I am honored to have been elected chair of the NEA Black Caucus. I look forward to building on the amazing work that Jacqui has done and I plan to bring particular attention to the school-to-prison pipeline,” Melton said.

Melton runs the responsible thinking class in Atlantic City’s Pennsylvania Avenue School to help replace ineffective and discriminatory discipline practices. The class was recently featured on Classroom Close-up NJ. Watch it here.

Learn more about the NEA Black Caucus.

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