HAWKS Leadership Program

Middlesex County educator Heather Guas from Edison Township Public Schools, was awarded a $3,500 continuation grant to carry out a project for JP Stevens High School in Edison.  

Staff advisors meet to plan the calendar and develop the mentoring program. Staff and administration work together to gather nominations and screen participants.

Students begin by participating in “True Colors,” a personal survey to learn about their work styles. Students use this data to learn how collaborate effectively with people who are different.

Each week, the group participates in a one-hour session focused on leadership skills including: Group Dynamics, The Power of Body Language, Fake It Until You Become It Parts 1 & 2, Active Listening, Collaboration, Mindfulness/Stress Reduction, and Social Etiquette.

Additionally, as part of the continuation grant, students will engage in formal writing exercises, workshops on Grit and Perseverance, public speaking, implementing student-designed programs, and planning and organizing a student recognition event.

This project will be assessed through student-led discussions, staff feedback, and survey results. Student data will also be analyzed as well as performance on tasks related to the grant.

For more information, contact:

Heather Guas, Project Coordinator
(732) 803-8625 (home)