Heather Spirko is a senior at The College of New Jersey. Her major is Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing with a second major in English.

Heather’s involvement with NJEA Preservice started about two years ago when she transferred to TCNJ. As a transfer, she wanted to make the most of her time as an education student, and she knew joining NJEA Preservice was the best option.

Since joining NJEA Preservice, Heather has been very active as an ambassador, social media chair, communication chair, and she’s attended multiple conferences and county meetings. In addition, she has joined two NJEA committees and this year she is proud and honored to become the NJEA Preservice President.

“Not only has NJEA Preservice helped me network with other educators, but it has helped me become the person I want to become for my prospective students,” states Spirko. “I never thought I would have the confidence in myself to become the President of an association, but NJEA Preservice has taught me that if I want to become the person and educator I want to become I have to break free from my comfort zone. As a future educator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, I strive to change the lives of my prospective students in and outside the classroom. As the new NJEA Preservice President, I will be someone who is dependable, supportive and the motivator that all Preservice members need throughout their educational journey. ”

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