How to start an NJEA Preservice Chapter

  1. First, make sure YOU are a member. It will be easier to tell others of the benefits of membership.
  2. Contact Marguerite Schroeder, NJEA Preservice Staff Contact at 609-599-4561, ext. 2271 or to let her know you are interested. There may be other campus contacts that have shown interest in starting a chapter. She will review the process with you and send you some start-up materials.
  3. Find a faculty member at your school who wants to be an adviser.
  4. Talk to your student activities office and get the list of steps to forming an official chapter at your school.
  5. Find students who are interested in serving on the chapter’s executive board. One student cannot create and run a chapter by themselves.
  6. Create a website and/or Facebook page and send out the link to members of your school interested in becoming an educator.
  7. It takes time to do things well. Remember that it might start slow, but if the right steps are taken, the chapter you create at your school will become active, organized, and successful.

Some Tips

  • Keep contact lists
  • Stay informed by checking the NJEA/NJEA Preservice website and the NJEA Preservice Facebook page and Twitter feed

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