Teachers are always looking to improve teaching and learning. Formative assessment occurs during the learning process to check student understanding and gain valuable data. Assessing students throughout the learning process guides a teacher’s instruction so he or she can assist students at individual levels.

Digital tools provide reports quickly and make it easy to use results to inform instruction. There are many different tools a teacher can use for formative assessment; here are some of the favorites. The best thing about these resources is they’re all free.

Arielle Goldstein is a technology facilitator at Millburn Public Schools in Essex County. She can be reached at arielleg@gmail.com.


Game-show style tools

Game-show formats encourage friendly competition among students while they assess knowledge. These resources are fun and engaging while providing the teacher with useful data.

Quizizz | K-12

Kahoot | K-12

Quizlet Live | 6-12


Interactive lessons

Interactive lessons allow students become active participants in their education. Using slideshow-style presentations students can respond to questions or create their content while teachers get valuable feedback on student learning.

Nearpod | K-12

Seesaw | K-8

Pear Deck | 4-12


Quizzes and polling

Quiz and Polling resources allow for more a traditional style of assessing with some added digital features. Teachers can incorporate multimedia, differentiate content and personalize feedback when using these resources.

Formative | 3-12

Socrative | 3-12

Poll Everywhere | 7-12

Plickers (no student devices needed) | K-12


Classroom Backchannel

Classroom Backchannel provides students a space to ask questions, leave comments, record reactions and discuss what is going in the classroom. Backchanneling can occur during lectures, videos, presentations, at home, or at any point during the learning process. It takes away the need for students to raise their hands and wait to be called on while enabling more students to ask questions.

Back Channel Chat | 7-12

Chatzy | 7-12


Video assessment tools

These tools allow teachers to use videos to assess students. One allows teachers to edit and remix videos to incorporate questions to layer more learning and create interactive videos. The other allows students to record their videos to reflect on their learning, show what they know, or spark discussion.

EdPuzzle | 3-12

FlipGrid | K-12

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