NJEA and the New Jersey Division of Pensions and Benefits (NJDPB) both provide many resources to help members with their retirement planning. You will find these resources on the NJEA website that connect you to webinars and other online resources from both NJEA and the NJDPB.

NJEA’s popular workshop, The XYZs of Retirement, enables members to explore the general aspects of retirement. During COVID-19 restrictions the workshop is being offered virtually. NJEA’s one-on-one retirement consultations continue to be available—albeit virtually—for members who have already chosen their retirement date and are within 18 months of that date. The NJDPB offers consultations to anyone in a public pension system, regardless of their retirement timeframe, but these are currently not being scheduled because of the pandemic.

NJEA’s retirement web page also offers guidance on the rules regarding the restrictions on working in a public school after retirement.

Go to njea.org/retirement for more access to the resources summarized above.

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