Health & Safety Resources

Government Resources

Here you'll find descriptions of government agencies that can be helpful on school health and safety concerns. The local association, members, and parents may wish to contact them to obtain information, advice, and publications. In some cases, obtaining an onsite enforcement inspection is also possible.

New Jersey Work Environment Council

The New Jersey Work Environment Council (WEC) is an alliance of labor, community, and environmental organizations working together for safe, secure jobs and a healthy, sustainable environment. WEC links workers, communities, and environmentalists through training, technical assistance, grassroots organizing, and public policy campaigns to promote dialogue, collaborations, and joint action.

School Health & Safety Websites

 On this page is a comprehensive list of website that provide Health & Safety information and resources.

H1N1 Flu Websites

A list of websites with information on dealing with the H1N1 Flu and other related issues.

Violence and Vandalism

A list of websites and resources for dealing with violence and vandalism in schools.

Emergency/Crisis Resources

NJEA encourages all local presidents to contact their local Superintendents to obtain a copy of the Plan for use by the local association. This page provides sample crisis plans, safety websites and other tools for crisis communications.