Establishes Educational Security Task Force.

A-3583/A-1613 (Wilson, Bramnick, Johnson, Wagner, Lampitt, Munoz, Wimberly, Quijano, Riley) establishes the 15-member Educational Security Task Force to assist the State Board of Education in developing security guidelines and standards for public schools.  Since NJEA members care deeply about and work hard to ensure the safety of our students, we thank the sponsors for including NJEA on the task force.  NJEA supports this legislation because we believe that the challenge of keeping schools safe can only be met through the involvement and broad participation of community members, educators, law enforcement, and security experts.  The task force established by this legislation will go a long way toward continuing the important conversations necessary to develop and implement strategies and best practices that will keep our students safe.

NJEA urges you to vote “yes.”

After the horrible massacre in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, it is important that lawmakers take the time to examine what more we can do to prevent such tragedies in the future.  We must all ask ourselves “what can we learn from this catastrophe that will help us saves lives down the road?”  To that end, NJEA is proud to be part of a broad coalition of stakeholders dedicated to preventing gun violence in schools as well as in our communities.  NJEA encourages the legislature to consider enacting other measures as well to prevent gun violence and protect our children and families.