Requires two-way communications equipment on school buses

NJEA supports S-433 sponsored by Senator Sacco.  This legislation would require all New Jersey school buses to be equipped with a form of two-way communications equipment while transporting students.

NJEA supports this legislation because two-way communications equipment will put drivers and schools in a better position to deal with emergencies that occur in school and on the road.  Two way communications devices will facilitate immediate communication in the event that a child is lost, a bus breaks down, or a situation occurs that could cause a bus not to arrive at its appointed time. It will allow drivers to ask for help or provide important information to school so that parents, administrators, and/or emergency service personnel can be kept informed of a situation.

Bus drivers have a tremendous amount of responsibility.  In addition to driving, they are charged with the weighty task of keeping children safe as they make their way to and from school.  Two way communications devices are one important way technology can help drivers and school districts keep their precious passengers safe. 

NJEA urges you to support this important legislation.