S-618 was signed into law by the Governor on 7/12/12, P.L.2012, c.20

“Requires school buses transporting disabled persons to use flashing lights and establishes penalties for drivers who fail to yield.”

NJEA supports S-618 (Sweeney, Allen)/A-925 (Riley, Burzichelli). This legislation requires school buses transporting disabled persons to use flashing lights when it is stopped on the highway for the purpose of discharging or receiving a person who has a developmental disability.

NJEA has long advocated for increased public awareness and increased penalties when New Jersey citizens disregard the safety of our children or by passing a school bus when their red flashing lights are on.  Unfortunately, too many people are not paying attention to the road and many more are clueless about bus safety laws.  That is why NJEA thanks the sponsor for expanding penalties for those drivers who are negligent.

NJEA understands that stopping for a school bus may not always be convenient, but it is the law.  When it comes to safety of passengers on school buses, we believe there should be no compromise, and we are pleased that S-618/A-925 provides additional safeguards and stricter penalties.

NJEA urges you to vote “yes” on S-618/A-925. 

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