By Maryellen McLeod, Jefferson Twp. Education Association

The teachers of White Rock School in Jefferson put together a great Zoom experience with Mayor Eric Wilsusen.

After learning about local government over the last few weeks through visual learning in Social Studies, the third grade teachers thought meeting our town’s mayor would be a great way to understand the mayor’s role.

Mayor Wilsusen excitedly agreed to Zoom with the students of White Rock Elementary in Jefferson Township. We had almost 100 students and teachers listening to the important job of a mayor. The students were curious about what he does and how he was going to help the town’s people during this difficult time in the world.

Mayor Wilsusen explained how important decisions are made for the town. The students brought up important questions about his experiences as mayor and what his plans are for the township. It was an incredible learning experience for the students and gave them an inside look at Jefferson’s local government.

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