The Jersey City Para-Professional Association (JCPPA) hosted its inaugural Para-Professional of the Year Banquet Dinner in the Duncan Sky Room at Saint Peter’s University on Friday, May 10.  The event celebrated the Para-Professional of the Year from each of the district’s 38 work sites in addition to additional recognition. Many of the guests dressed in their finest ‘blue and whites’ as the JCPPA welcomed them for a celebratory night of dinner and dancing.

JCPPA President Keith Olkewicz hosted the evening along with Executive Board members, Gilbert Moore, Christine Diaz, Marquisha Reynolds, and Patricia Lewis.  Special guests included NEA Secretary-Treasurer Princess Moss who spoke of her own mother’s role and pride as a paraprofessional.  Jersey City Education Association President, Ronald Greco, reflected on the JCPPA’s history of advocacy and strength over the years.

Award recipients included:

  • Rose Alamo, Regional Day School
  • Angell Allen, Chaplain C. Watters-PS#24
  • Joanne Aloi, Christa McAuliffe-PS#28
  • Mary Benekin, Whitney M. Young-PS#15
  • Angela Binetti, James F. Murray-PS#38
  • Rachael Blue, Barack Obama-PS#34
  • Annie Britt, PS#23 J.F.K. Annex ECC
  • Martha Edge, Charles P. DeFuccio-PS#39
  • Judy Espailla, Cunningham ECC
  • Jasmine Faniel, Julia A. Barnes-PS#12
  • Marsha Glover, PS#23 Westside Annex ECC
  • Ashley Hale, Patricia Noonan-PS#26
  • Adina Hall, Danforth ECC
  • Bebe Harry, Cornelia F. Bradford-PS#16
  • April Haygood, Ferris High School
  • Frances Izoco, Rafael de J. Cordero-PS#37
  • Lisa Jefferson, McNair High School
  • Dawn Johnson, Joseph Brensinger-PS#17
  • Barbara Land, Claremont ECC
  • Phyllis Mafinejad, Alfred Zampella-PS#27
  • Sharon Maryland, Ollie Culbreth-PS#14
  • Eyvonne Melvin, Martin L. King Jr.-PS#11
  • Daphne Miller, Dr. Paul Rafalides-PS#33
  • Adriana Oliveira, Dickinson High School
  • Norma Ortiz, Rev. Ercel F. Webb-PS#22
  • Evelyn Ramos, Frank R. Conwell-MS#4
  • Brenda Randolph, Dr. Maya Angelou-PS#20
  • Dominga Rivera, Dr. Michael Conti-PS#5
  • Modesta Rivera, Nicolaus Copernicus-PS#25
  • Diana Rivers, Jotham W. Wakeman-PS#6
  • Jennifer Santana, Franklin L. Williams-MS#7
  • Charlene Shuler, Mahatma K. Gandhi-PS#23
  • Vivian Soto, Charles E. Trefurt-PS#8
  • Hector Torres Jr., Fred W. Martin-PS#41
  • Janeena Torres, Alexander D. Sullivan-PS#30
  • Ernest Washington, Snyder High School
  • Deloris Wiliams, Frank R. Conwell-PS#3
  • Alicia Wooten, Lincoln High School

Outstanding Achievement Awards were also presented to Felicia Glover, PS#8, and Ellen Glover, PS#15 for continued dedication to JCPPA activities.

Receiving “Angel to a Para” awards included:

  • Monique K. Andrews, Snyder High School, PTO-President and Activist
  • Brigid D’Souza, Jersey City Together organizer and activist
  • Daniel Rivera, Jersey City Councilman At-Large
  • Franklin Walker, Chief of Jersey City Public Schools

NEA and NJEA guests were also recognized for their support of JCPPA:

  • Princess R. Moss, Secretary-Treasurer – NEA
  • Thomas Hardy, NJEA UniServ Regional Director- Northeast
  • Verlencia Warning, Assistant to UniServ Regional Director
  • John Dillon, Jersey City UniServ Field Representative
  • Veronica Pereira, Jersey City UniServ Administrative Assistant

Executive Members At-Large who assisted throughout the evening and were recognized included:

  • Erica Carrington, Dickinson High School
  • Cheryl Mason-Fair – PS#22
  • John Davis, PS#12
  • Ativica Nance, PS#26
  • Vanessa Rivera, MS#40
  • Willie Stawder, RDS
  • Nance Harris, RDS
  • Samantha Bronsky, PS#5
  • And Rosemary Feminello, Glenn Early Childhood Center

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