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NJEA is affiliated with many professional organizations representing educators and educational support professionals in specific fields, including all content and curricular areas and other job titles such as office professionals, guidance, world languages, library and media, technology, school psychologists, teachers of the gifted, Holocaust education, and many others. You will find these organizations and how to join them in this section of the Review.

In your school building or perhaps even you school district, you may be the only one tasked with a special area of expertise. If others don’t understand what you do, it is wonderful to share strategies and meet educators from other districts who are doing the same job.

Joining one or more of these groups may provide you special opportunities through a newsletter, website or social media groups. You may also find discounts for workshops, conferences and webinars. You’ll discover recognition opportunities and sharing sessions.

Find your professional organizations here.


Alternative Education Assn. (AEA)

AEA supports a full range of educational options for students whose needs are not being met in the traditional school setting. Membership is open to those working in alternative education or those interested in the development of alternative education options.

AEA disseminates information relating to research, publication, and programs in alternative education and holds a spring conference. Members receive workshop announcements, consulting services and resource materials.

Contact: Tim Morrow,


Art Educators of N.J. (AENJ)

The Art Educators of New Jersey (AENJ) is the state’s professional association for visual arts educators teaching in public, charter, private, and parochial schools, colleges/universities, museums and art centers.

AENJ provides quality professional
development and advocates for visual arts educators throughout the year. This includes an annual conference, lectures and workshops, publications, member and student exhibition opportunities, scholarships and grants to arts educators and their students.

Dues: $50; $20 for retired, first-year professional and student members

Contact: Tamika Diaz,


N.J. Business/Technology Education Assn. (NJBTEA)

NJBTEA advocates for business/technology education and provides opportunities for professional growth leading to quality business/technology education programs. NJBTEA offers many avenues to fulfill these purposes including, but not limited to, a fall convention; conferences, workshops, tours and seminars; newsletters; award programs for students and professionals; and professional opportunities.

Dues: $40 for professionals and associate members; $20 for retired professional or associate members; $10 for undergraduate students enrolled in a business/technology education program.

Contact: Robert Carson,

N.J Assn. for Educational Technology (NJAET)

NJAET is dedicated to helping teachers use technology to improve learning. Membership provides newsletters from NJAET and Big Deal Media, professional development activities, technology project mini-grants for teachers. 

Dues: Membership is free.

Contact: Sharon Julien,

N.J Technology and Engineering Educators Assn. (NJTEEA))

NJTEEA is a professional organization for K-12 design, technology, engineering, and other STEM educators that promotes the goals and objectives of technology education and technological literacy as well as STEM initiatives. NJTEEA provides various high-impact, hands-on professional development opportunities at model schools as well as at supportive industry locations. It also provides email updates to members three to four times a month, a STEM Boot Camp in the beginning of the academic year and an annual conference and expo.

Dues: $50; $12 for undergraduate or retired members

Contact: Executive Director Frank Caccavale,


Athletic Trainers’ Society of N.J. (ATSNJ)

ATSNJ is dedicated to the advancement and improvement of the athletic training profession. It continually strives to ensure that physically active persons receive the best possible health care. ATSNJ members receive discounted rates for the annual athletic training conference and have access to free CEU opportunities via regional meetings. ATSNJ continues to be active legislatively to ensure appropriate health care for active persons and to ensure proper protections for the profession of athletic training. Members also receive newsletters and electronic postings about athletic training and have membership-only access to various areas of the ATSNJ website.

Dues: $65; $20 for students

Contact: Keir Livingston,


New Jersey Classical Association (NJCA)

NJCA is an organization for educators working to advance the cause of classical studies, the Latin and Greek languages and the study of Greco-Roman mythology. Members are teachers from elementary grades through college in public, private and parochial schools. Member benefits include fall and spring meetings, scholarship offerings, materials, resources, mentoring and a placement service.

Dues: $20; $10 for retired and student members

Contact: Marlene Weiner,


N.J. Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages/N.J. Bilingual Educators (NJTESOL/NJBE)

NJTESOL/NJBE is the professional organization of English as a Second Language (ESL) and bilingual education teachers for all levels. Membership is open to all educators interested in current information on educating bilingual and English language learners. NJTESOL/NJBE sponsors several conferences throughout the year and keeps members informed through newsletters and online discussion of hot topics in ESL/bilingual education. The organization is very involved in advocacy/political action and collaborative activities with other professional organizations.

Dues: $35/year; $59/two years with the benefits of participating in the hotlist, receiving the Voices newsletter and getting discounts on the conference payment. Retirees: $20/year or $35/two years—with documentation that the potential member has retired from teaching in a school district. Retiree registration is mail-in only because documentation is required. No faxes or emails of the retiree application will be accepted. All registration forms are available on the website.

Contacts: Representative Alamelu Sundaram-Walters, or Membership Chair Joan Pujol,


Educators of Family and Consumer Sciences-N.J. (EFACS-NJ)

NJCA is an organization for educators EFACS-NJ is dedicated to networking with K-12 family and consumer science teachers and keeping them apprised of philosophies and technologies related to Career and Technical Education, Career Readiness Practices, and STEAM curricula. The organization supports Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and provides professional development workshops for FCS teachers.

Dues: $20

Contacts: Carol Otis,, 201-923-0898 or Patricia Digioia-Laird,, 908-791-9906 or 732-452-2862 (school)


N.J. Assn. for Gifted Children (NJAGC)

The New Jersey Association for Gifted Children (NJAGC) is a champion for gifted children. Its members are passionate advocates who promote programs, networks, and legislative actions to meet the needs of these students statewide. NJAGC believes that a strong and supportive partnership between parents and educators increases understanding and expands opportunities for gifted children. Its educator division serves the needs of all educators, guidance counselors, and administrators, and provides regional events, an annual conference and other small workshops. NJAGC also offers a quarterly e-newsletter, NewsNet, and a website with outstanding resources.

Dues: $40; $25 for full-time college students; $30 for retired

Contact: Vice President of Advocacy Michelle Falanga,


N.J. Cooperative Education Assn. (NJCEA)

The New Jersey Association for Gifted NJCEA provides professional programs, services and opportunities to cooperative education coordinators and structured learning coordinators. NJCEA is at the forefront of workforce education issues, working in concert with the N.J. Department of Education, the N.J. Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. NJCEA provides three membership meetings in various New Jersey locations annually, offering relevant presentations and professional development.

Dues: $30

Contacts: Rob Carson,, 609-387-1713, ext. 6069 or John Hillard,, 856-220-8457


N.J. Cooperative Education Coordinators Assn. (NJCECA)

NJCECA is an organization for instructors involved in job placement for students. NJCECA membership provides guidance, resources and outreach for teachers to enhance their work-study and transition programs and collaborate in program planning. Meetings are held at sponsor sites the third Thursday of each month. Presentations are given by guest speakers to provide two hours of professional development. The meetings are fun and informative and offer an environment of camaraderie and professionalism.

Dues: $25

Contact: Gerry Caroll,, 201-343-6000, ext. 4603

New Jersey School Counselor Assn., Inc. (NJSCA)

NJSCA works to advance the school counseling profession to maximize the personal, social, educational, academic and college career readiness of each student, elementary through post-secondary. It is a division of the American School Counselor Association. NJSCA provides a bimonthly electronic newsletter, annual fall and spring professional development conferences, student and counselor recognition programs and advocacy for school counselors.

Dues: $40; $30 for students enrolled in a counseling program; $15 for retirees

Contact: Jim Lukach,, 732-846-6468


New Jersey County College Association (NJCCA)

The New Jersey College Association (NJCCA) is an interactive networking, political action, and lobbying group. The goals of NJCCA are to create a forum where public higher education is promoted, advocate for exceptional standards of professional excellence, and serve as a liaison among the multiple local associations in the county colleges. The association advocates for all NJEA county college members. Quarterly meetings are held to discuss and act on issues affecting higher education and to support affordable higher education. NJCCA seeks members who can contribute time and ideas for meaningful contributions and projects that will cast a spotlight on the collective impactful work of the community college community. Association membership is open to full time, employed community college NJEA members.

Dues: Annual local association dues range from $50 to $250 (based on number of members); individual memberships at $20.

Contact: President Maureen Behr,


The Council of Holocaust Educators (CHE)

CHE is a professional development organization for educators who teach about the Holocaust, genocide and human rights. CHE grew out of a long-standing need for educators to organize as professionals and to become a voice for teachers and students participating in Holocaust/genocide education. CHE is committed to the effort to instill in our students a sense of the importance of recognizing and respecting the value of each individual human life and the human dignity of all people as a deterrent to future genocide and to foster a peaceful world. CHE provides its members with the opportunity to find mutual support from colleagues in their educational efforts and to further the instructional program and goals of Holocaust education through ongoing professional development. CHE provides opportunities for networking and professional development designed by teachers for teachers. On Facebook search for Council of Holocaust Educators.

Dues: None

Contact: Colleen Tambuscio,, 609-292-9274


N.J. Assn. of Kindergarten Educators (NJAKE)

NJAKE is an organization of kindergarten and early childhood educators. It promotes strategies to strengthen communication with the public regarding the intellectual, emotional, physical and social values achieved through developmentally appropriate kindergarten programs. Membership provides opportunities for networking on issues and questions pertaining to early childhood education through newsletters and workshops.

Dues: $25 for unified county/state memberships; $10 for retired and student members

Contact: Bonnie Gentesse,, 908-377-4344.


N.J. Council of Teachers of English (NJCTE)

NJCTE welcomes educators at every level committed to applying the power of language and literacy to pursue justice and equity. The organization hosts fall and spring conferences, webinars, and a high school writing contest; publishes a blog, monthly newsletter, and the New Jersey English Journal; and offers early-career mentoring. NJCTE sponsors Twitter chats and virtual and in-person networking meetings. The organization honors veteran, early-career, and preservice teachers.

Dues: $25; $15 for pre-service teachers and retirees

Contacts: Membership Chair Denise Weintraut, or President Audrey Fisch,

N.J. Literacy Assoc. (NJLA)

NJLA is a professional network of educators and individuals interested in advancing literacy at the prekindergarten through adult levels, promoting effective practices and encouraging appropriate assessment through advocacy, collaboration, and professional development. NJLA provides annual conferences, workshops and opportunities for communication among educators who share common interests in literacy education.

Dues: Free



N.J. Assn of School Librarians (NJASL)

NJASL is a professional organization of school librarians teaching in public, private and parochial schools, prekindergarten to college level. It advocates high standards for librarianship and library programs to ensure that students and staff become effective users of information. NJASL inspires excellence in the school library program by providing school librarians with educational opportunities and current information through workshops and a conference. As allies and partners in teaching students, NJASL encourages teachers, administrators and other educational colleagues to join, with benefits including professional development and collegial networking.

Dues: $65

Contact: Angela Delucci,


Assn. of Mathematics Teachers of N.J. (AMTNJ)

AMTNJ is a professional membership organization founded in 1914. AMTNJ encourages and promotes the growth of quality instruction in mathematics. Annual events include a special education conference, a winter conference, a tech conference, a periodic supervisors’ conference and a two-day annual conference. Membership is open to persons engaged or interested in the teaching of mathematics (prekindergarten through college) in public, private and parochial educational institutions. AMTNJ provides periodic newsletters and journals, online professional development, summer institutes, student activities and contests, mini-grant opportunities, mailings and e-blasts. AMTNJ will bring professional development tailored to your specific needs directly to your location.

Dues: $30/year for professionals ($50/two years); $15/year for retirees and preservice teachers

Contact: Administrator Susan Landers,, 732-788-1257

Middle Level Education

N.J. Association for Middle Level Education (NJAMLE)

The New Jersey Association for Middle Level Education (NJAMLE) is a professional membership organization focused on meeting the needs of young adolescents. As an affiliate of the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE), formerly the National Middle School Association, NJAMLE serves as a voice for middle level educators, students, parents, and other stakeholders committed to excellence in middle level education. NJAMLE provides leadership, professional learning and advocacy in support of its belief that all young adolescents must be academically challenged in an educational environment that meets their unique cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs.

Dues: Individual annual membership is $20. Institutional or school annual membership is $99. Dual memberships in both NJAMLE and AMLE are available. Individual dual membership is $64.99 and school dual membership is $314.99 for the year. Visit for a membership application and more information.

Contact: Tina Monteleone, or follow NJAMLE on Twitter (@njamle) and like NJAMLE on Facebook (


N.J. Music Educators Assn. (NJMEA)

NJMEA is an organization of general, choral, and instrumental music educators, prekindergarten through college in public, private and parochial schools. The organization sponsors a variety of professional development opportunities and advocacy efforts that focus on emerging trends and issues in music education. Members’ students may audition for regional ensembles, as well as All-State Chorus, Orchestra, Band and Jazz Ensemble. Members may also choose to participate in other NJMEA-sponsored performance activities as applicable.

Dues: $129; $60 for retirees; $32 for college students. An introductory price for first-year teachers who were collegiate members: $54.

Contact: Patrick O’Keefe,


N.J. State School Nurses Association (NJSSNA)

NJSSNA provides direction for leadership and advocacy in the specialty practice of school nursing. It promotes professional and ethical standards and guidelines through research, education and communication. Members of NJSSNA include certified school nurses, faculty at New Jersey’s universities charged with preparing certified school nurses, and registered nurses working in early childhood programs or in New Jersey’s private and parochial schools. NJSSNA communicates frequently with members, sponsors an annual statewide conference featuring nationally known speakers and provides timely educational programs at the NJEA Convention and throughout the year.

Dues: For a dues schedule go to Membership in NJSSNA is included.

Contact: Executive Director Marie Sasso,


N.J. Assn. of Educational Office Professionals (NJAEOP)

NJAEOP is New Jersey’s only professional organization for educational office professionals. Under a mission of “Service, Integrity, Skill,” NJAEOP provides professional development and promotes the expertise and contributions of educational office professionals. Membership is open to clerks, business office personnel, central office personnel, secretaries, administrative assistants, executive assistants and others who work in public and private schools as well as colleges. NJAEOP publishes a periodic newsletter.

Dues: $20     

Contact: President Judi Schwenger, or 609-965-4181 or Horizons Editor Dawn Leek,


N.J. Assn. for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (NJAHPERD)

The New Jersey College Association (NJCCA)

NJAHPERD promotes healthy active lifestyles for New Jersey’s students, educators and community members. Its advocacy campaign, “Every Child Stronger, Every Life Longer,” aims to improve the quality of health and physical education programs. NJAHPERD’s annual events include a three-day convention, covering all aspects of health, physical education, recreation and dance. Annual, regional conferences include Health Education, Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education and Dance Education. These conferences are tailored for elementary, middle school and high school educators. Future professionals are offered an annual conference to prepare them for entry into their profession. Members receive the FYI, a monthly e-newsletter and may apply for mini-grants and awards.

Dues: $65/year for professionals ($120/two years, $175/three years); $20 retired; $10 future professional (four years); $60 new professional (two years)

Contact: John Russo,, 732-918-9999


NJEA Preservice

NJEA is organized on the college level and provides those services necessary to ensure preservice members are well prepared and ready to enter the teaching profession. In addition, NJEA Preservice holds an annual conference and has a strong presence at the NJEA Convention, including workshops and other programs.

Dues: $32

Contact: Marguerite Schroeder,


N.J. Assn. of School Psychologists (NJASP)

NJASP is dedicated to serving and advocating for the mental health and educational growth and development of all children, the maintenance of high standards for school psychologists, and the advancement of the profession. NJASP offers two professional development conferences (winter and spring), regional workshops, a quarterly newsletter and updates on political and current trends.

Dues: $75; $25 for student affiliate members; $45 for retirees; $55 for affiliate members



N.J. Retirees’ Education Assn. (NJREA)

NJREA, the state’s largest and oldest—101 years old!—retiree organization, promotes the professional, economic and social well-being of retired educators and support professionals under a unified dues agreement with NJEA, NEA-Retired, and our 21 County Retired Education Associations (CREA) in New Jersey. Annual events include fall and spring informational meetings/luncheons, a convention in Atlantic City in November, and CREA meetings and workshops throughout the year. Members receive up-to-date information on pension and health benefits through our award-winning quarterly newsletter, as well as county mailing, websites and emails. Meetings will be held virtually whenever possible because of the risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fall events, including the NJREA Convention, have been cancelled.Check the NJREA website for updates at

Dues: Annual dues in NJREA/NJEA/NEA-R and your CREA are approximately $100 and may be paid by check or credit card. An automatic renewal option is available. Lifetime and pre-retirement membership in NJREA, a very popular option for active members, is available and may be paid in installments.

Contact: NJREA President Judy Perkins, or NJEA’s Membership Division at 609-599-4594, ext. 4123.


N.J. Assn. of Speech Language Specialists (NJASLS)

NJASLS advocates for students with communication disabilities that have an impact upon their educational performance. NJASLS helps to secure conditions necessary for maximum efficacy of the speech-language specialist and advances the standards of the profession of speech-language pathology in an educational setting. It actively promotes the interests of members and provides professional development at the NJEA Convention.

Dues: Two-year membership (Sept 2020-Aug. 2021): $35 regular members, $15 retirees. All students will be offered free membership for this time period (with proof of student status).

Contact: Membership Chair Courtney Tacinelli at


N.J. Science Teachers Assn. (NJSTA)

NJSTA promotes excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all. Its vision is to excite, empower and energize all science teachers. NJSTA strives to support and recognize science educators at all levels for their dedication and professionalism; advocates high-quality science instruction in varied and diverse settings and, through leadership and service, seeks to generate and promote public interest in science and science education for all. NJSTA has worked hard this year to provide distance learning and NJSLS for Science resources for all grade levels as teachers across the state relocated their lessons to remote sites and continued to implement the new science standards. NJSTA sponsors and co-sponsors various functions and activities including NJSTAChats, NJ State Science Day, a website, newsletters, social media, NJSTA Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award Summer Institute, New Jersey Science Convention, NJSTA membership meetings, NJSTA Spring Meeting, NGSS support and resources, and the NJEA Convention.

Dues: $25; $10 full-time students

Contact: Guida Faria,

Social Studies

N.J. Council for the Social Studies (NJCSS)

NJCSS includes social studies teachers, supervisors and university faculty. It advocates for the teaching and improvement of social studies instruction, supports the development and implementation of meaningful and effective social studies curricula and instruction, provides a program of professional development for social studies educators, and provides for educational and professional interaction among social studies educators, professional organizations, and government agencies. This year NJCSS is offering New Jersey educators a digital program of pre-recorded videos for professional development credit. Each video offers one hour of PD credit for teachers who complete a registration form. The schedule is on the NJCSS website and in our monthly newsletter. The videos will be accessible throughout the year.

Dues: $25 for teachers; $15 for pre-service teachers; $40 for joint membership with the N.J. Social Studies Supervisors Association

Contact: Dayna Orlak,


N.J. Assn. of School Social Workers (NJASSW)

NJASSW is an organization of certified school social workers from the public and private sectors. It provides opportunities for the professional growth of its members and actively supports higher standards for school social work practice. It promotes the extension of school social work services to all children, facilitating social-emotional and educational growth, eliminating barriers to learning, and linking school, family, and community.

Dues: $50 (regular membership); $25 (retired or student membership)

Contact: or


N.J. Association of Learning Consultants (NJALC)

NJALC is concerned with the continuing professional development and working conditions of learning consultants in public, private, and parochial schools, as well as in private practice. NJALC provides two conferences, regional workshops, newsletters, a journal, summaries of professional books, grants and a registry for LDT-Cs in public and private practice.

Dues: $75; $40 for retirees and students (see website for special COVID discount for 2020-21)

Contact: Maureen Mahon,

N.J. Council for Exceptional Children (NJCEC)

New Jersey Council for Exceptional Children (NJCEC) is the state division of the Council for Exceptional Children, the international/national board for special education. NJCEC/CEC is the professional association of educators dedicated to advancing the success of children with exceptionalities. This organization acts as an advocate and guide in matters of federal legislation, professional standards, professional development, education of school personnel and families, effective classroom practice and resources available for effective professional practice. NJCEC accomplishes its mission through advocacy, standards and professional development. In addition, CEC has 17 divisions for specialized information, sponsors journals and newsletters, and hosts conferences and conventions at the local, state and national level.

NJCEC offers an annual conference, professional publications and newsletters that keep members aware of national issues and current teaching strategies, professional and student recognition programs including scholarships for high school seniors with special needs, and selection of a teacher of the year.

Dues: Premier membership $205; Full $115; Basic $65 a year through International CEC.

Contact: Julie Norflus-Good,


Speech and Theatre Assn. of N.J. (STANJ)

STANJ is the voice of advocacy for the inclusion of speech and theater arts in educational curricula. The association includes volunteer members from elementary, middle, high school, college and professional theatre who are interested in acting, directing, musical theater, technical theater, communication media, and theater education. Members may attend two PD workshops per year as well as presentations at the NJEA Convention. Their students may participate in the Governor’s Awards Theatre Competition in the areas of monologues, scenes and improvisation. First-place winners are honored at a ceremony held in Trenton. A college theater scholarship is also offered.

Dues: $35

Contacts: Danielle Miller,; Chuck Miller,; or Dan Paolucci,


Career and Technical Education Assn. of N.J. (CTEANJ)

The mission of the CTEANJ is to provide educational leadership in developing a competitive global workforce by fostering excellence in career and technical education; advocating national, state and local public policy to benefit career and technical education; acting as a clearinghouse for education and information relating to all aspects of career and technical education, while providing access for professional development through programs, workshops, conferences, services and opportunities that will ultimately benefit all students; and creating public awareness of career and technical education and its importance in developing a competitive global workforce. CTEANJ hosts an annual scholarship program and members may nominate deserving career and technical education students. Thanks to unification with the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), members receive additional benefits, including trade publications, national advocacy for career and technical education, legislative updates and the opportunity to attend national CTE conventions.

Dues: Membership is united with ACTE and costs $80; $31 for retirees

Contact: John Neyhart, or


Foreign Language Educators of N.J. (FLENJ)

FLENJ represents world language teachers from kindergarten through college. It advances and promotes the teaching of world languages, literatures and cultures. FLENJ offers professional development workshops as well as statewide meetings in the spring on topics of current interest to the profession and latest developments in methodology, materials and technology. It also offers mini-grants for teachers, a student video contest, an education abroad program scholarships, teacher and student award as well as senior scholarships.

Dues: $40/year ($90/three years); $20 for student members; $5 for retirees.

Contact: or FLENJ, PO Box 385, Fanwood, NJ 07023-0385

N.J. Chapters of the American Assn. of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (NJAATSP)

NJAATSP promotes the teaching of Spanish and Portuguese languages, culture and literature at all educational levels. It offers workshops and seminars, coordinates the National Spanish Examination and Honor Societies for middle and high school students, and holds an annual Spanish essay contest for high school seniors. Many student and teacher scholarships are available. Members receive Hispania, the official journal of AATSP, four times a year.

Dues: $65 for both national and state memberships; $25 for students

Contact: Jay Duhl,, 973-263-7001, ext. 3359

While every effort has been made to produce an accurate listing, we recognize that some descriptions or contact information may have changed. In those instances, please contact Liz Murphy, Communications Division at so that the information may be updated.

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