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Did you know that NJEA has affiliated groups representing educators and educational support professionals in specific fields, including all content and curricular areas and other job titles such as guidance, world languages, library and media, technology, school psychologists, teachers of the gifted, office professionals, Holocaust education, and many others?

In many small districts, and at your school building, you may be the only one tasked with a special area of expertise. Especially if others don’t understand what you do, it is wonderful to share strategies and meet educators from other districts who are doing the same job.

Joining one or more of these groups may provide you special opportunities through a newsletter, website or social media groups. You may also find discounts at workshops and conferences, and webinars. You’ll discover recognition opportunities and sharing sessions.

Through these organizations you can advocate for your students and your position in Trenton and in Washington. Numbers count when addressing elected officials. So when a politician asks, “How many educators belong to this group?” you can help show your support by being a member.

Several times a year, each NJEA Affiliated Group sends a representative to NJEA headquarters to meet with other groups’ representatives to discuss key issues impacting public education, as well as for sharing ideas and services. Many workshops at the annual NJEA Convention in Atlantic City are hosted by NJEA affiliated groups and offer up-to-the-minute research and practices for you to use in your classroom or work setting.

Connect with colleagues who “get it” and do what you do, by joining an Affiliated Group of NJEA. It is a professional responsibility and service that will benefit you, not only on your annual evaluation, but in your classroom.

Titles, descriptions and contact information for NJEA’s many affiliated groups follow.

Roberta Braverman, the vice president for advocacy at the New Jersey Association for Gifted Children, provided this introduction.

While every effort has been made to produce an accurate listing, we recognize that some descriptions or contact information may have changed. In those instances, please contact Liz Murphy, Communications Division at so that the information may be updated.

For a list of NJEA Affiliated groups, download the listing below or visit our Affiliated Groups page.

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