Thunder Spirit 106 School Spirit Award Winner – April 2017

Why does this person deserve the School Spirit Award?

My name is Tammy Jones and my son Jackson is in Mrs. Presti’s kindergarten class. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful of a teacher is she is.

My son has been diagnosed ADHD and I was so nervous having him in a big classroom with so many kids and so much distraction. Her way of teaching my son and all the kids to learn is so amazing and refreshing to find a teacher who has so much passion and love for what she does.

I can’t express enough how lucky I feel that my son is in her class. A great example of her dedication and love for the children is my son was absent from school on Friday when his class went on the school trip to Dearborn Farms he was in the hospital the night before. She used the seesaw app and took a few pictures of the trip and I had commented that Jackson was sad to have missed the trip. Later in the day she wrote back to me and told me that she had got him a pumpkin and would have it for him on his desk on Monday. When I picked my son up from school on Monday he had a beautiful pumpkin with his name on it, an apple, and a pumpkin cookie and a few of the coloring pages they had done on the trip. For her to take time out of her day to think of my son made me tear up.

What a wonderful teacher you have in your school. I could not be more grateful for her and the great impact she will have on my son and all the kids lucky enough to be in her class.

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