Learning Begins at Birth: Supporting Our Future Students

Camden County educator Melissa Savino from Pennsauken Public Schools, was awarded a $8,200 continuation grant to carry out a project at Carson Elementary School in Pennsauken.  

This project includes five Baby Events focused on critical skills young children need to learn for language, literacy, and educational success. Each event includes three stations running simultaneously:

  1. Developmental room for infant/toddlers to engage in developmental play.
  2. Parent session which focuses on a specific educational topic.
  3. School-aged students participate in a related learning activity they can practice at home with younger sibling.

Each event includes dinner and opportunities to socialize and gather resources from community organizations.

Through the continuation grant and support from NJEA FAST, the program is expanding.

Team members have presented the program at conferences and are working to share their findings with school districts throughout the state. A research study is planned for the upcoming school year.

For more information, contact:

Melissa Savino, Project Coordinator
(215) 603-7305 (home)