UPDATE: July 29, 2020The processing of reimbursement checks for 2019 income-related adjustments to Medicare Part B and/or Part D premiums is resuming. The time frame for completion is approximately 4 months.

Reimbursement checks for members who pay more than the standard Medicare part B and D premium were initially slated to be issued starting around April 30, 2020, but because the processing of Medicare reimbursement is not an essential task, it was temporarily suspended to make sure all essential tasks are being performed during the course of the current pandemic. Division employees are working remotely with limited access to their building due to the social distancing requirements set in place by Governor Murphy.  You may not have received your check for this reason.

If a member wants to be sure that the paperwork has been received by the Division, and they are in line for processing when the staff returns, they should call the Division of Pensions at (609) 292-7524.  There is no time frame for when Division staff will return at this time.

Remember: Photocopy and date any information you mail to the Division of Pensions. A return mail receipt is also recommended.  

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