NJEA and the Boss 107.1 FM have partnered to recognize the women making a difference in New Jersey’s public schools

March 2018:  Eileen Kulik from Taunton School in Howell

Mrs. Kulik is a special education assistant in my son’s class. She was also my daughter’s assistant for two years before she graduated to another school. Mrs. Kulik is an amazing woman who has dedicated herself to helping children with special needs. She is very kind and compassionate and is a perfect person to work with our special needs children who need help in a mainstreamed class. She is always positive and friendly and my kids always felt safe and secure with her.  She has touched and enriched the lives of the children in her classroom and their families. She is a source of encouragement and helps our children overcome many obstacles. Mrs. Kulik has made a lasting impression on my daughter who wishes Mrs. Kulik could be in her classroom again.  She misses her greatly.  I am very grateful for her dedication to our children for without her I do not believe they would have accomplished as much as they do.


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