One day, 15 legislative offices

On Wednesday, May 15, hundreds of NJEA members rallied outside 15 different legislative offices across the state. Wearing red and holding “Fix The Unfairness” and “We Are Worth It” signs, members descended on the selected offices to ask those elected officials to post and pass three bills that would return respect to public education.

Members rally for fairness

So far, the efforts of members have not gone unnoticed as all three bills continue to gain sponsors.

Here are the current number of sponsors in the State Senate and Assembly for these bills:

Chapter 78 Relief Bill

    • S-2606:  9
    • A-4352: 33

Anti-privatization  Bill

    • S-296:  18
    • A-3395: 45

Due Process Bill

    • S-3089: 16
    • A-3664: 48

The member-led campaign continues to gain momentum. Visit to learn more and get involved today.

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