Community College Completion Challenge

NJEA is working with the N.J. Council of Community College and its center for Student Success to support Phi Theta Kappa’s Community College Completion Challenge project. Scheduled for Oct. 14-19, Phi Theta Kappa chapters will engage students at New Jersey’s 19 community colleges to commit to earning their degrees. This statewide initiative seeks to highlight the ways in which students and faculty work together to create a culture of success with the goal of degree and certificate completion.

Included in the Community College Completion Challenge will be a host of speakers, events and campus activities such as the signing of student pledges to complete the degree. There will also be opportunities to engage students in peer-to-peer civic engagement programs such as campus tutoring and organizational outreach. NJEA is encouraging its locals at the colleges to support this initiative.

NJEA locals can apply for Pride in Public Education grants through NJEA if they would like to plan activities in conjunction with the Challenge.