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NJREA is dedicated to improving the quality of life for retired educational personnel by providing interesting and informational programs and social situations for NJREA members; by working with NJEA & NEA organizing for the common good, to pass beneficial state and federal legislation, and get friends of the educational community elected; by providing a wide variety of member services; and by keeping members informed about health insurance and pensions.

Court rules in unions’ favor

State ordered to make pension payment

On Feb. 23, Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson issued a ruling that members of the pension systems have a contractual right to the funding mandated by a 2011 pension and benefits reform law (Chapter 78).  That decision does not order a specific funding remedy, other than requiring the state to follow the law. Unfortunately, the state has indicated it is appealing the decision, and such appeals could take several months before a final resolution is reached.  During that time, the already-damaged pension systems will become even more poorly funded.  Read more


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