NJEA endorses Buono for governor

Barbara BuonoOn March 15, the 125-member NJEA PAC Operating Committee voted unanimously to endorse Sen. Barbara Buono for governor. The PAC Operating Committee is composed of members from every county as well as representatives from retired members and higher education constituencies.

The next day, Buono attended the NJEA Delegate Assembly meeting to personally NJEA and its members for the early endorsement of her candidacy for governor.

Buono said the endorsement was important to her on a “very personal level.” She said that it represented a validation of the role education has played in her life. She shared her own story explaining her modest background and how she eventually put herself through Montclair State College and Rutgers Law School, despite her low income.

“The point of my story is that I had I had opportunities back then,” Buono explained. “Those opportunities simply aren’t there now, and that is why I’m running for governor of the state of New Jersey.”

Both candidates screened

Both Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Buono participated in the screening process in a bid to earn NJEA’s endorsement. The candidates each had a one hour interview with a screening committee, giving the NJEA PAC Operating Committee an unfiltered view of both Christie’s and Buono’s priorities.

 “We genuinely appreciate Gov. Christie’s willingness to participate in a candid and thoughtful conversation with our screening committee,” said NJEA President Barbara Keshishian.

Join Garden State Forward

In her acceptance speech, Sen. Buono left no doubt that she's the right person for the job. On issue after issue, Sen. Buono is right in line with the values and priorities of NJEA/NJREA members and, with our support, she will win in November.

NJREA urges its members to join the campaign to get New Jersey moving forward again. You can find more information at Garden State ForwardBy visiting this website, you can pledge to vote for Barbara Buono and make a difference for yourself, your family, and New Jersey’s future.