Spiller elected to office

Sean Spiller with NJREA OfficersNJREA-endorsed candidate Sean Spiller was elected NJEA secretary-treasurer in May. Spiller is a high school science teacher at Wayne Valley High School in Passaic County and has 15 years of experience as a member and as a leader in many local, county, state and national association positions.

“I am truly excited to be part of the leadership of such a great organization,” Spiller declared. “All members make NJEA what it is today:  a force for great public schools and student success.”

Spiller joins returning rising officers, Wendell Steinhauer, the new NJEA president, and Marie Blistan, the new NJEA vice president, for the 2013-2015 term. General duties of Spiller’s position include collecting and overseeing all the funds of the Association, including the pension fund.

“I appreciate and understand the fiduciary responsibility of this position and will work to the best of my abilities to honor the faith the members have in me by electing me to represent them,” Spiller said. “I look forward to the opportunity to refocus the conversation and to remind the residents of this state that our public schools are among the best in the nation.”

In addition to his duties as secretary-treasurer, Spiller will also serve as the liaison to the NJREA. Retirees currently represent about 14 percent of NJEA’s total membership and this number only continues to rise. Over the last four years, NJREA membership grew at a rate of nearly 1,000 members per year.

“The interests of retired members are the interests of our active members. The merits that our retirees fight for only serve to benefit our active members in the future,” Spiller continued. “Our fight for the present will also help to preserve the future.”

 As was reported in the March NJREA Newsletter, the NJREA Delegate Council unanimously voted to endorse Spiller in his bid for office after the screening committee developed questions, interviewed the candidates, and provided a written recommendation for their selection. 

“I am both thrilled and appreciative to have received the NJREA’s endorsement,” Spiller declared.  “All the endorsements I received were so important during the campaign process.  However, the NJREA endorsement was one that stood out because it demonstrates the confidence of so many who have done so much for this union.”

“Sean Spiller is a wonderful addition to the leadership team of the NJEA,” NJREA President Roe Jankowski declared.  “His knowledge of retired issues and his plans for NJREA’s future were just two of the reasons we endorsed him.”

Spiller, who takes office on Sept. 1, plans to hit the ground running immediately in his liaison role.

“I am eager to work together as we move forward representing and advocating for those who have served and continue to serve for the children of this state,” Spiller stated.