The Monmouth County Education Association hosted their first-ever county Sparks on Friday, Mar. 10 and Saturday, Mar. 11.  Described as a, “fun, hands-on program for NJEA members early in their careers designed to help develop leadership potential,” the event drew 14 NJEA members from across the county.

The agenda for the weekend was developed based on participants’ responses to a survey. The weekend focused on making connections among members.

Sparks participants concluded their experience by researching and presenting a project. Members developed ideas to support early career members with SGOs, encourage them to donate to NJEA PAC, and promote member engagement.  An innovative “each one, reach one” campaign was also developed.

The Monmouth County Sparks will reunite soon to discuss what they took away from the event and brought back to their local associations.

Are you a county leader interested in bringing a Sparks event to your county?  Use the form below to contact NJEA and request information.

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