The internet must remain open, accessible to all

Earlier today, Gov. Phil Murphy signed an executive order that requires all Internet Services Providers (ISPs) that do business with the state of New Jersey to adhere to the principles of net neutrality.  Net neutrality insures non-threatening and lawful information on the internet remains free and open to all users. The move represents a rebuke of the decision made late last year by the Federal Communications Commission to eliminate net neutrality protections at the federal level.

NJEA’s officers praised Gov. Murphy’s willingness to fight for open access to information:

“I commend Gov. Murphy for taking this bold stand to protect net neutrality for the people of New Jersey,” said NJEA President Marie Blistan. “Democratic societies work best when people have open access to information. We should let people, not corporations, decide what information is important to them.”

“Net neutrality is especially important to working families in New Jersey,” said NJEA Vice President Sean M. Spiller. “The loss of net neutrality threatens to make access to information more expensive. That would put families who already struggle economically at an even greater disadvantage and further widen the digital divide.”

“As educators, we are proud to stand up for net neutrality,” said NJEA Secretary-Treasurer Steve Beatty. “We teach our students to be critical consumers of information, but they cannot do that if we allow corporations even more power to decide what information is easily and freely accessible. Net neutrality protects us all.”

You can take action and join the fight for a free and open internet by contacting your representatives today.


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