Gov. Murphy has conditionally vetoed a bill, S-2722/A-4181, that would have dramatically expanded Renaissance schools in Camden without regard for the impact on students in district-run schools. NJEA members vociferously opposed the bill, writing, calling and meeting with legislators to explain its harmful impact on thousands of Camden students and their families.

Murphy’s conditional veto will allow time for an independent analysis of the effect of the Renaissance schools, rather than simply allowing rampant expansion with no understanding of what has already happened in the district.

NJEA President Marie Blistan hailed Murphy for keeping the needs of Camden‘s students and families first.  “Governor Murphy did the right thing when he conditionally vetoed the expansion of Renaissance schools in Camden. We need to support truly public schools that serve all Camden students and are run for the benefit of Camden’s children and families, not for the benefit of outside corporate school management companies. NJEA members in Camden will continue working every day to provide a great education to every student who walks through the doors of a Camden public school.”

Camden Education Association President Keith Benson also lauded Murphy’s action. “We in the Camden community, consisting of both residents and educators, roundly applaud and appreciate the leadership Gov. Phil Murphy demonstrated in vetoing these toxic bills. We recognize that leading with principles can be difficult in politics these days, but the Governor’s continued support for the people and students of Camden shows that he is exactly the leader we’ve needed in New Jersey for a long time.”


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