B 98.5 Educational Support Professional School Spirit Award – October 2016

Why does this person deserve the School Spirit Award?

Nancy is a paraprofessional that brings connections to the classroom that not many others can offer. Her experiences in the Marine Corp automatically brings a level of respect from her students. What is more amazing though, is that Nancy lost her eyesight do to MS several years ago. Instead of going out on disability, she chose to educate herself by learning Braille, and finding out what the Commission for the Blind has to offer. She has adapted to her role and made modifications (such as using echo location) to her routine to navigate the halls. She works with special education students and really sets an example about relying on your “abilities” rather than saying you have a “disability”. She has shown students with visual impairments, just how much they are capable of. Nancy sets an example for all of us, and really shows everyone how important acceptance and determination truly are.

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